(A)   This Chapter assesses development fees to offset the costs to the city associated with providing necessary public services to a development. The fees shall:
      (1)   Result in a beneficial use to the development;
      (2)   Bear a rational relationship to the burden of the developer; and
      (3)   Be assessed in a non-discriminatory manner.
   (B)   The development fees to be paid by each new development pursuant to this Chapter are to be proportional to the impact based on service units that the new development will have on the types of facilities for which the fees are charged.
   (C)   The city official with primary responsibility for administering this Chapter shall be referred to as the "Development Fee Administrator." The Development Fee Administrator shall be the Director of Development Services unless another person is so designated by the City Manager. The Development Fee Administrator may delegate authority conferred by this Chapter to other city staff.
(Ord. 1521, passed 8-16-2022)