.010   Applicable Regulations.  Unless otherwise set forth in this chapter, the permitted, accessory, and conditionally permitted uses in the (SABC) Overlay Zone shall be those permitted by the underlying zone.  The regulations and development standards that apply to the underlying zone of property in the (SABC) Overlay Zone shall remain the same, except as specified in this chapter.  The provisions of this chapter shall apply in addition to, and where inconsistent with, shall supersede the corresponding regulations of the underlying zones.
   .020   Exceptions. With the exception of the requirements specified below, the regulations of this chapter shall not apply to parcels being developed entirely in compliance with the development standards of the underlying zone, and where an ordinance has not been adopted to reclassify property into the (SABC) Overlay Zone, provided that:
      .0201   All requirements of the underlying zone are being met by the project, except as otherwise specifically approved in conjunction with a conditional use permit, variance or administrative adjustment permitted pursuant to Chapter 18.66 (Conditional Use Permits), Chapter 18.74 (Variances), and Chapter 18.62 (Administrative Reviews).
      .0202   Off-premise sale of alcohol is prohibited in the (SABC) Overlay Zone except: (i) as an accessory use to a hotel, (ii) markets or grocery stores having an interior building floor area of greater than ten thousand (10,000) square feet, (iii) in conjunction with alcoholic beverage manufacturing, or (iv) on I (SABC-Neighborhood Commercial District) (Industrial, South Anaheim Boulevard Corridor Overlay-Neighborhood Commercial District) zoned properties located on the east side of Anaheim Boulevard between Broadway and Ellsworth Avenue.
      .0203   Except as provided in subsection (Automatic Exemptions) of Chapter 18.40 (General Development Standards), where a building permit is sought for any development project in the (SABC) Overlay Zone, landscaping shown on the South Anaheim Boulevard Master Plan of Landscaping (the “Master Plan”), as approved by the Anaheim Redevelopment Agency on August 29, 2000, shall be planted in the size and at the spacing described in the Master Plan.  Landscaping plans shall be submitted to the Planning Director and the Executive Director of Community Development, for a determination that the proposed plan is consistent with the Master Plan.  The Planning Commission may grant variances from the requirements of the Master Plan pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 18.74 (Variances).
      .0204   Any signs or billboards installed or erected shall comply with the provisions of Section 18.24.120 (Sign Standards), except that the following shall be applicable to business signs permitted within commercial or industrial zones:
         .01   Properties located south of Ball Road. Freestanding signs up to twenty-five (25) feet in height, in conformance with Section 18.44.080 (Freestanding and Monument Signs – General) of Chapter 18.44 (Signs), shall be permitted, subject to the approval of a conditional use permit pursuant to Chapter 18.66 (Conditional Use Permits).
         .02   Properties located north of Ball Road.  Signage shall be limited to freestanding or monument type signs in conformance with Section 18.44.100 (Freeway-Oriented On-Site Signs) of Chapter 18.44 (Signs).
      .0205   All applications submitted for projects that lie within both the (SABC) Overlay Zone area and the boundaries of the Commercial/Industrial Redevelopment Project Area shall be forwarded to the Community Development Department for review.  The Executive Director of Community Development shall review each application, meet and consult with the applicant with respect to the neighborhood compatibility and design features of the proposed project, and propose changes where necessary to promote high quality urban design.
      .0206   Properties located east of the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) and south of the Southern California Edison transmission line right-of-way shall comply with the standards set forth in Section 18.40.050 (Special Area Setbacks) of Chapter 18.40 (General Development Standards).
      .0207   Properties within Anaheim’s local Historic Districts, defined by the City of Anaheim Citywide Historic Preservation Plan, shall be subject to The Anaheim Colony Vision, Principles and Design Guidelines.
   .030   Legal Nonconforming Uses. 
      .0301   A legally created use in existence on December 12, 2000, that is prohibited by this chapter, will not be subject to the provisions of Chapter 18.56 (Nonconformities), provided that such use has been continuously in operation since December 12, 2000.
      .0302   A legally created use in existence on December 12, 2000, that:  (i) is prohibited by subsection .0202 above;  and (ii) was approved subject to a time limitation, shall be eligible for reinstatement pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 18.60 (Common Procedures), notwithstanding the requirement in Chapter 18.60 (Common Procedures) that, before a conditional use permit may be reinstated, a finding must be made that the use is one for which a conditional use permit is authorized.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 5948 § 5; November 9, 2004:  Ord. 6173 § 1; July 1, 2010:  Ord. 6229 § 1; November 15, 2011: Ord. 6286 § 11; September 3, 2013; Ord. 6338, § 1; August 18, 2015:  Ord. 6506 § 20; February 9, 2021.)