(a)    It is the purpose of this chapter to provide for payment of fees (surcharges) for discharges to the City’s sewage works, to compensate the City for the fair and equitable costs associated with the high strength wastewater, excessive wastewater flows and other significant wastewater discharges that may increase costs associated with the sewage works.
   (b)   The following surcharges will be billed in addition to the normal charges as stated in other portions of this Chapter 913 when the values of the extra strength parameters consistently exceed the normal domestic strength wastewater, as established in the City’s Wastewater Loading Analysis.  Charges are in the following amounts.
   (c)   For each point of CBOD, TSS, P and Oil and Grease that are over and above the normal residential allowance concentrations a surcharge shall be applied at the City’s cost per pound of each parameter.
   (d)    An administrative fee equal to the costs associated with sampling and testing for extra strength parameters shall be included in the surcharge.
   (e)    The above charges shall be billed in the same manner as the charges noted in Section 913.02 and in accordance with Section 913.03.
(Ord. 0-18-04.  Passed 2-12-18.)