13.24.010   Definitions
   13.24.020   Permit required
   13.24.030   Location of driveway approaches
   13.24.040   Width of driveway approach apron
   13.24.050   Length of curb space
   13.24.070   Application for deviations from provisions
   13.24.080   Application to existing driveways
   13.24.090   Application for permit; fees required
   13.24.100   Issuance of permit
   13.24.110   Compliance with specifications
   13.24.120   Vehicles crossing sidewalks without driveway prohibited
   13.24.140   Request by owner that city do work
   13.24.150   Driveways serving M-, C- or P-zoned property on major traffic-carrying streets
   13.24.160   Abandonment of driveways; removal of driveway approach
   13.24.170   Abandonment of driveways defined