Except as provided in § 13.24.070 covering deviations:
   (A)   No portion of driveway shall be constructed within eight feet of prolonged intersecting property lines at any street or alley intersection, or between the points of beginning and the end of curvature of any curb returned having a radius of 20 feet or less.
   (B)   No driveway shall be constructed between an existing traffic regulation device and the nearest intersection of a street or alley, and no portion of any driveway shall be constructed within three feet of an existing light standard, fire hydrant, traffic-control device or power pole.
   (C)   No driveway approach shall be permitted if the lot to be served thereby does not have sufficient available land area for the vehicles using such approach to park thereon without encroaching into or upon the adjacent sidewalk or if the approach does not connect to a driveway leading to a garage or carport or prepared parking space in conformity to the sections of this code regulating off-street parking requirements.
   (D)   No portion of a driveway approach serving a lot shall extend in front of an adjoining lot without the express consent of the Director of Public Works. For this purpose the division between two lots shall be a line passing through the common lot corner at right angles to the curb line regardless of the direction of the side lot line.
('86 Code, § 13.24.030) (Ord. 3139, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 1.12.010