§ 13.24.050  LENGTH OF CURB SPACE.
   (A)   Percentage of frontage. Not less than 60% of the lot frontage of continuous curb space shall be retained in front of each lot where the street frontage of the property served is greater than 40 feet. Where such frontage is 40 feet or less, continuous curb space shall be retained in front of each lot equal to one-half the length of the frontage, except that this provision shall not be applied to prevent the construction of one apron having a width of nine feet in the “R” Zone or a width of 12 feet in the “C,” “M” and “P” Zones, as such zones are established in this code.
   (B)   Distance between driveways on same lot. Not less than 22 feet of curb space or multiples thereof shall be retained between driveway approaches in front of each lot where there is more than one driveway approach serving such lot.
   (C)   Adjoining driveways on separate lots. Driveway approaches serving adjoining lots may begin at the prolongation of the lot line as defined in § 13.24.030 (A) of this chapter except that, with the mutual consent of the property owners of such lots two such adjacent driveway approaches may be merged into one, provided the maximum apron width of such merged driveway approach does not exceed 50 feet overall in all zones except Zones R-1 and R-2 where it shall not exceed 30 feet.
   (D)   Minimum lot size for multiple driveways. Only one driveway approach will be permitted for any lot having less than 75 feet of frontage abutting the public street.
('86 Code, § 13.24.050) (Ord. 3139, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 1.12.010