The Fire Marshal, upon complaint of any person having an interest in any building or property adjacent, and without any complaint, shall have the right, at all reasonable hours, for the purpose of examination, to enter into and upon all buildings and premises within the City, and it shall be his duty, annually or more often, to enter upon and make or cause to be entered upon and made, a thorough examination of all mercantiles, manufacturing and public buildings, together with the premises belonging thereto. If the owner or person otherwise in charge of any premises refuses to allow the entry of the Fire Marshal for the above purposes, the Fire Marshal may apply to the Municipal Court of the City for a search warrant to conduct the inspection and otherwise carry out the duties of the Fire Marshal hereunder.
   A.   Service Fee Rate Structure: The services provided by the Fire Marshal's Office shall be pursuant to the Fee Rate Structure as shown on Exhibit A, attached hereto. For any failed inspection(s) that induces a follow-up RE-INSPECTION service by the Fire Marshal, no such re-inspection shall occur until the owner/manager pays a re-inspection fee based on 50% of the standard inspection service fee of Exhibit A. Furthermore, the Fire Departments' false alarm response fee rates are reflected in Exhibit B.
(Note: Refer to Section 3-15-3 for initial and annual fire inspection fees for businesses.) (Ord. 88-07, 8-16-88; amd. Ord. 15-02-22, 2-15-2022; Ord. 39-06-22, 7-21-2022)