Chapter 213:  Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Electric Miniature Scooters, Electric Skateboards, Motorized Skateboards, Motorized Play Vehicles, Similar Devices and Multiuse Paths
General Provisions Relating to Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters, Motorized Bicycles and Similar Devices
   213-01   Definitions
   213-02   Impoundment
   213-03   Application of traffic laws
   213-04   Obedience of traffic-control devices
   213-05   Emerging from alley or driveway
   213-06   No riding or parking signs
   213-07   Speed
   213-08   Parking
   213-09   Riding in prohibited areas; class 3 electric bicycles prohibited on sidewalks; electric scooters prohibited on streets with posted speed limits greater than 35 miles per hour with exceptions; hours of operations, age restrictions and Transportation Safety Zone dismounting
   213-10   Refusing to provide truthful name and date of birth when lawfully detained; penalty
   213-11   Riding, operating or actual physical control while under the influence; presumptions; admissible evidence; sentencing
   213-12   Reckless riding; sentencing
   213-13   Electric scooter required equipment
General Provisions Relating to Electric Miniature Scooters, Motorized Play Vehicles and Motorized Skateboards and Multiuse Paths
   213-14   Application of traffic laws
   213-15   Prohibited operation
   213-16   General operating restrictions
   213-17   Operating restrictions on roadways
   213-18   Required safety equipment
   213-19   Responsibilities of sellers
   213-20   Multiuse Paths
   213-21   Penalties
   213-22   Exceptions
   213-23   [Repealed]
   213-24   [Repealed]
   213-25   [Repealed]
   213-26   [Repealed]
   213-27   [Repealed]
Statutory reference:
   Power of city to regulate operation of bicycles, license, register and require fee therefor, see A.R.S. § 28-627(A)(8)