§ 211-75  Prohibited.
   (A)   No person may drive or permit a motor vehicle he owns to be driven past a traffic control point three or more times within a one-hour period in an area posted as a no cruising zone.
   (B)   Every no cruising area will be posted with sufficient signs to provide notice of the prohibition.  Signs will clearly state that the area is a no cruising zone and that driving through the area more than two times in one hour between certain time periods is a violation of city ordinance.
   (C)   A traffic control point as used in this section means any point within the no cruising area established by the Police Department for the purpose of monitoring cruising.
   (D)   No area may be designated or posted as a no cruising zone unless City Council passes a resolution that specifically mandates the designation and posting for a particular area.
('80 Code, § 30-257)  (Ord. O96-62, passed 6-19-96)  Penalty, see § 211-99