§ 150-157  How Account Operates.
   (A)   Minimum deposit.  A contractor, at his option, may open a contractor's deposit account.  If accepted for an account, the contractor will deposit with the Division of Building Safety the minimum sum of $100 which will be credited to his account.
   (B)   Securing a permit.  To secure a permit, the contractor may either call the Building Safety Division, or come into the division and provide such information as is required (e.g., size of service, number of branch circuits, traps, remote units, and the like) on which permit charges are based.
   (C)   Verification of funds.  At the time, the permit clerk will check the account ledger to ensure that the funds are available and will provide the caller with a permit number and costs.  The clerk will also advise the contractor when the account is getting low, based upon a usage factor.
   (D)   Fine for insufficient funds.  There will be a $10 fine assessed for all insufficient fund checks.  This assessment, along with the amount of the insufficient funds, will be paid in cash to the Division of Building Safety.
('80 Code, § 7-93)  (Ord. 1938, passed 6-18-80)