§ 150-061  Amendments.
   The following amendments, additions, and deletions are hereby made to the 2012 International Plumbing Code, as adopted by this subchapter. Paragraphs and section numbers refer to the 2012 International Plumbing Code numbering system. Code references not amended in this section shall be enforced as published in the 2012 International Plumbing Code.
   (A)   Section [A] 101.1 Title. Amend to read, "These regulations shall be known as the International Plumbing Code of the City of Yuma, hereinafter referred to as 'this code'."
   (B)   Create a new sub-section, "Section [A] 101.2.1 Fire Code. Where a section references the International Fire Code, amend to read 'current adopted fire code'."
   (C)   Section [A] 103.1 General.  Amend to read, "The Department of Community Development, Building Safety Division is hereby created and the executive official in charge thereof shall be known as the building official. Amend all sections of this code that reference the "code official" by replacing to read the 'building official'."
   (D)   Section [A] 106.6.1 Work commencing before permit issuance. Amend to read, "Any person who commences work on a plumbing system before obtaining the necessary permits shall be subject to the usual permit fee and an additional investigative fee. An investigative fee, in addition to the permit fee, shall be collected whether or not a permit is then or subsequently issued. The investigative fee shall be determined by the building official, based on the circumstances, nature and severity of the infraction. The minimum investigative fee shall be $50 and the maximum shall be an amount up to the same as the fee set forth in Table 1-A."
   (E)   Section [A] 106.6.2 Fee schedule. Amend by adding Plumbing Permit Fee Table 1-A:
Permit Issuance
1.   For issuing each plumbing permit   $20.00
2.   For issuing each supplemental permit for which the original permit has not expired, been canceled or finaled   $ 7.00
Unit Fee Schedule
1.   For each plumbing fixture or trap or set of fixtures on one trap (including water, drainage piping and backflow protection thereof   $ 7.00
2.   For each building sewer and each trailer park sewer   $15.00
3.   Rainwater systems - per drain (inside building)   $ 7.00
4.   For each private sewage disposal system   $40.00
5.   For each water heater and/or vent   $ 7.00
6.   For each industrial waste pretreatment interceptor including its trap and vent, excepting kitchen-type grease interceptors functioning as fixture traps   $ 7.00
7.   For installation, alternation or repair of water-piping and/or water-treating equipment, each   $ 7.00
8.   For repair or alteration of drainage or vent piping, each fixture   $7.00
9.   For each lawn sprinkler system on any one meter including backflow protection devices therefor   $ 7.00
10.   For atmospheric-type vacuum breakers not included in Item 2:
   1 to 5   $5.00
   Over 5, each    $1.00
11.   For each backflow protective device other than atmospheric-type vacuum breakers:
   2 inches (51 mm) and smaller   $ 7.00
   Over 2 inches (51 mm)    $ 15.00
12.   Plumbing sewer tap, each   $20.00
13.   Plumbing sewer connection, each   $20.00
14.   Gas piping systems:
   1 to 5 outlets    $ 5.00
   Over 5 outlets, each    $ 1.00
Other Inspections and Fees
1.   Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge two hours)   $50.00 per hour*
2.   Reinspection fee assessed for work not ready for inspection   $50.00 per hour*
   Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge one-half hour)   $50.00 per hour*
3.   Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans (minimum charge on-half hour)   $50.00 per hour*
   * Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is greater.  This cost shall include, supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.
   (F)   Section [A] 106.6.3 Fee refunds. Amend to read, "The building official shall authorize the refunding of fees as follows.
      1.   The full amount of any fee paid hereunder which was erroneously paid or collected.
      2.   Not more than 80 percent of the permit fee paid when no work has been done under a permit issued in accordance with this code.
      3.   Not more than 80 percent of the plan review fee paid when an application for a permit for which a plan review fee has been paid is withdrawn or canceled before any plan review effort has been expended."
   (G)   Create a new section "[A] 106.7 Emergency repairs. Where equipment replacements and repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit application shall be submitted within the next working business day to the building official."
   (H)   Section [A] 108.4 Violation penalties. Amend to read, "Any person who shall violate a provision of this code or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who shall erect, install, alter or repair plumbing work in violation of the approved construction documents or directive of the building official, or of a permit or certificate issued under the provision of this code, shall be subject to the penalty and fine described in this ordinance."
   (I)   Section [A] 108.5 Stop work orders. Amend to read, "Upon notice from the building official, work on any plumbing system that is being done contrary to the provisions of this code or in a dangerous or unsafe manner shall immediately cease. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be given to the owner of the property, or to the owner's agent, or to the person doing the work. The notice shall state the conditions under which work is authorized to resume. Where an emergency exists, the building official shall not be required to give a written notice prior to stopping the work. Any person who shall continue any work in or about the structure after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be subject to the penalty and fine described in this ordinance."
   (J)   Section [A] 109.2 Membership of the board. Amend to read, "The membership of the Building Advisory Board, as prescribed in Section 150-008 of the Yuma City Code, will be the Board of Appeals."
   (K)   Sections [A] 109.2.1 through [A] 109.3. Delete sections in their entirety.
   (L)   Section [A] 109.5 Postponed hearing. Amend to read, "When nine members are not present to hear an appeal, either the appellant or the appellant's representative shall have the right to request a postponement of the hearing."
   (M)   Section 201.3 Terms defined in other codes. Amend to read, "Where terms are not defined in this code and are defined in the International Building Code, current adopted Fire Code, ICC Electrical Code, International Fuel Gas Code or the International Mechanical Code, such terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them as in those codes."
   (N)   Section 305.4.1 Sewer depth. Amend to read, "Building sewers that connect to private sewage disposal systems shall be a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) below finished grade at the point of septic tank connection. Building sewers shall be a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) below grade."
   (O)   Create a new section "305.8 Tracer wire. Per ARS §40-360, all buried non-metallic piping shall be identified with a minimum #12 gauge solid copper insulated tracer wire securely attached to pipe or wrapped around the pipe. Attachments shall be provided at maximum 20 foot intervals and at each change in direction"
   (P)   Section [B] 309.2 Flood hazard. Amend to read, "For structures located in flood hazard areas, systems and equipment shall be located and installed as required by the adopted city floodplain ordinances.
   Exception: The following systems are permitted to be located below the elevation required by the city adopted floodplain ordinances for utilities and attendant equipment provided that the systems are designed and installed to prevent water from entering or accumulating within their components and the systems are constructed to resist hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads and stresses, including the effects of buoyancy, during the occurrence of flooding up to such elevation.
   1.   All water service pipes.
   2.   Pump seals in individual water supply systems where the pump is located below the design flood elevation.
   3.   Covers on potable water wells shall be sealed, except where the top of the casing well or pipe sleeve is elevated to not less than 1 foot (305 mm) above the design flood elevation.
   4.   All sanitary drainage piping.
   5.    All storm drainage piping.
   6.   Manhole covers shall be sealed, except where designed to or above the design flood elevation.
   7.   All other plumbing fixtures, faucets, fixture fittings, piping systems and equipment.
   8.   Water heaters.
   9.   Vents and vent systems."
   (Q)   [M] Section 314.2.1 Condensate disposal. Amend first sentence to read, "Condensate from all cooling and evaporators shall be conveyed from the drain pan outlet to an approved sanitary sewer connection, or other approved method of condensate disposal designed by a registered design professional."
   Add exceptions to section:
   1.   Condensate from cooling coils and evaporators up to and including (4) ton units may drain into an approved bottom disposal pit. The approved bottom disposal pit shall consist of a pit excavated in the earth not less than 24 inches (61 mm) in any dimension completely filled with coarse gravel. The drainpipe shall extend into the pit not less than 6 inches (15 mm) below grade and shall be securely anchored in place. The drain shall not be covered with sod or earth until it has been inspected.
   2.   Equipment provided with a factory, or other approved, condensate evaporation device."
   (R)   Section 403.1 Minimum number of fixtures. Create a new footnote to Table 403.1, "c. In other than Group A and E occupancies, drinking fountains are not required for an occupant load of 25 or fewer."
   (S)   Section 605.4 Water Distribution Pipe. Create a new footnote and exception to Table 605.4, "a. Copper and copper alloy piping and tubing are prohibited for installation in or on the ground under buildings. Exception: Copper and copper alloy piping and tubing installed in a continuous sleeve consisting of a minimum Schedule 40 ABS or PVC piping."
   (T)   Section 608.1 General. Add sentence to end of section, "Where required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), backflow prevention shall comply with utility provider requirements."
   (U)   Section 701.2 Sewer required. Amend to read, "Buildings in which plumbing fixtures are installed and premises having drainage piping shall be connected to a public sewer, where available, or an approved private sewage disposal system in accordance with Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Aquifer Permit Protection Program, R-18-9."
   (V)   Section 712.3.1 Sump pump. Amend to read, "The sump pump capacity and head shall be appropriate to the anticipated use requirements, and for any 'public' or 'public utilization' occupancies, as defined in this code, dual pumps or ejectors shall be provided.
   Exception: Dual pumps are not required in small, single-tenant buildings where the use of fixtures can be readily restricted or controlled, as determined by the building official."
   (W)   Section 903.1 Roof extension. Amend to read, "All open vent pipes that extend through a roof shall be terminated not less than 6 inches (153 mm) above the roof, except that where a roof is to be used for any purpose other than weather protection, the vent extensions shall terminate not less than 7 feet (2134 mm) above the roof."
   (X)   Section 1003.2 Approval. Amend first sentence to read, "The size, type, and location of each interceptor and of each separator shall be designed and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the requirements of this section based on the anticipated conditions of use, and when located in the City of Yuma jurisdiction, shall also comply with the policies of the Wastewater Utilities Manager or designee."
   (Y)   Section 1003.3.1 Grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices required. Amend to read, "A grease interceptor or automatic grease removal device shall be required to receive the drainage from fixtures and equipment with grease-laden waste located in food preparation areas, such as in restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, school kitchens, bars, factory cafeterias and clubs. Fixtures and equipment shall include, but not be limited to three-compartment sinks (all three compartments), pot sinks, prerinse sinks; soup kettles or similar devices; wok stations; floor drains or sinks into which kettles are drained; automatic hood wash units and dishwashers without prerinse sinks. Grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices shall receive waste only from fixtures and equipment that allow fats, oils or grease to be discharged. If a food preparation sink is required by the establishment, a separate sink for this purpose shall be provided, and shall be connected indirectly and shall be connected to the sanitary sewer. Where lack of space or other constraints prevent the installation or replacement of a grease interceptor, one or more grease interceptors shall be permitted to be installed on or above the floor and upstream of an existing grease interceptor."
   (Z)   1003.3.4 Hydromechanical grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices. Amend first sentence to read, "Hydromechanical grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices shall conform to ASME A112.14.3 Appendix A, ASME A112.14.4, CSA B481.3 or PDI G101, and when located in the City of Yuma jurisdiction shall also meet the City of Yuma Standards. All new Food Service Establishments shall be required to install at least a 500-gallon outdoor grease interceptor, unless granted a variance by the City of Yuma Utilities Division."
   (AA)   Section 1003.3.4.1 Grease interceptor capacity. Amend to read, "Grease interceptors shall have the volume indicated in Table 1003.3.4.2 for the flow through rates indicated. Where required by the AHJ, grease interceptors shall have the volume indicated in Table 1003.3.4.2 for the drainage fixture units indicated."
Insert Table 1003.3.4.1:
Table 1003.3.4.1
Capacity of Grease Interceptors
Total Flow-Through Rating (gpm)
Grease Retention Capacity (pounds)
For SI:1 gallon per minute = 3.785 L/m, 1 pound = 0.454 kg.
(a)    For total flow-through ratings greater than 100 (gpm), double the flow-through rating to determine the grease retention capacity (pounds).
   (BB)   Create new sub-section, "1003.3.4.3 Grease Interceptor Variances. Any establishment wishing to seek a variance from the 500-gallon minimum grease interceptor requirement may submit a Variance for Cause Request to the Utilities Pretreatment Division Coordinator. Facilities who qualify for a variance may use Table 1003.3.4.1 for sizing of grease interceptors smaller than 500-gallons."
Insert Table 1003.3.4.2:
Table 1003.3.4.2
Grease Interceptor Sizing
Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU)(1)
Interceptor Volume(2)
   500 gallons
   750 gallons
   1,000 gallons
   1,250 gallons
   1,500 gallons
   2,000 gallons
   2,500 gallons
   3,000 gallons
   4,000 gallons(4)
   5,000 gallons(4)
   7,500 gallons(4)
   10,000 gallons(4)
   15,000 gallons(4)
(1)   The maximum allowable DFU's plumbed to the kitchen drain lines that will be connected to the grease interceptor.
(2)   This size is based on: the DFU's, the pipe size; Useful Tables for flow in half-full pipes (ref: Mohinder Nayyar Piping Handbook, 3rd Edition, 1992).
(3)   Based on 30-minute retention time (ref.) Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. 3rd Ed. Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems, 1998). Rounded up to nominal interceptor volume.
(4)   No food service establishment will be permitted to install a grease interceptor in excess of 3,000 gallons. Applications where sizing calculation dictate the installation of a grease interceptor larger than 3,000 gallons multiple interceptors shall be installed, in series, of sufficient size, to meet the requirement of the calculated retention volume.
   (CC)   Section 1101.2 Where required. Amend first sentence to read, "All roofs, paved areas, yards, courts and courtyards shall drain into a separate storm sewer system or to an approved place of disposal."
   (DD)   Section 1104.2 Combining storm with sanitary drainage. Amend to read, "The sanitary and storm drainage systems of a building or structure shall be entirely separate."
   (EE)   Section 1108.3 Secondary (emergency overflow) drains or scuppers. Add sentence to end of section, "The secondary drain or overflow drain inlet shall be 2" (51 mm) above the primary drain inlet."
   (FF)   Section 1109 Combined Sanitary and Storm System. Delete section in its entirety.
(Ord. O2002-11, passed 3-20-02; Ord. 2007-55, passed 11-7-07; Ord. O2015-038, passed 7-15-15)