§ 150-034  Electrical Requirements.
   (A)   Electrical wiring shall be run in channels in the adobe.  Channels shall be not less than three inches deep.
   (B)   Electrical wiring may be type UF cable or other type cable assemblies approved for direct burial.  Conduit shall be used for all other type wiring conductors.  Minimum wire size shall be No. 12 copper; a ground wire shall be provided for all runs except metal conduit.
   (C)   Channels shall be filled flush to the wall with adobe mud or approved mortar.
   (D)   Electrical J-boxes shall be recessed flush and grouted in place with mud or approved mortar.
('80 Code, § 7-61)  (Ord. 2021, passed 7-1-81)  Penalty, see § 150-999