§ 31-01  Departments established.
   The city shall be comprised of the following departments with titles as stated:
   (A)   Mayor and Council.
   (B)   Building Safety.
   (C)   City Administration.
   (D)   City Attorney.
   (E)   Engineering.
   (F)   Finance.
   (G)   Fire.
   (H)   Human Resources.
   (I)   Information Technology.
   (J)   Municipal Court.
   (K)   Parks and Recreation.
   (L)   Planning and Neighborhood Services.
   (M)   Police.
   (N)   Public Works.
   (O)   Utilities.
(Ord. O98-61, passed 7-15-98; Ord. O2000-34, passed 6-21-00; Ord. O2004-47, passed 7-21-04; Ord. O2006-41, passed 6-21-06; Ord. O2013-23, passed 5-1-13; Ord. O2015-030, passed 6-3-15; Ord. O2021-007, passed 5-5-21)
Charter reference:
   Similar provisions, see Charter Art. VI, § 15 and Art. VII, § 6(g)(7)