Sec. 1.  Competitive bidding.
   (a)   Informal bidding.  The City shall obtain, if possible, informal competitive bids in writing from at least three suppliers or contractors on expenditures greater than five percent of the amount stated in the procurement laws of the State of Arizona.  The City shall accept the informal competitive bid which, under all the circumstances, appears to be in the best interest of the City or it may reject all informal competitive bids. 
(Sp. Elec. 12/7/93; Sp. Elec. 11/2/99; Sp. Elec. 11/6/07)
   Whenever possible informal competitive bids shall be obtained from those businesses on an approved vendor list which vendors must have a valid City business license.  The responsibility for being placed on the vendor list shall be the vendor's pursuant to regulations adopted by the City Council.  (Sp. Elec. 12/7/93)
   (b)   Formal bidding.  For expenditures in excess of the highest amount authorized in subsection (a) above, advertising for formal competitive bids shall be required.  A one-time advertisement in the official city newspaper may be in summary form.  It shall specify in general the terms, the goods or services sought and shall specify the time and place where such bids will be opened and read at a public meeting by or in the presence of the contracting officer of the City.  The advertisement shall also contain a statement of the place that copies of the official call for bids, including plans and specifications, if any, and instructions to bidders may be obtained.  (Sp. Elec. 12/7/93)
   (c)   Acceptance of bids.  The City Council shall accept the formal bid which, under all circumstances, appears to be in the best interest of the city or the city council may reject all bids and readvertise.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70)
   (d)   Further regulations.  Further regulations concerning purchasing and the awarding of contracts shall be established by city ordinance.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70)
   (e)   Advertising contract.  The city council shall let annually contracts for the advertising for the ensuing fiscal year.  For this purpose they shall advertise by publication in the official newspaper by a one-time advertisement, setting forth distinctly and specifically the work contemplated to be done, and asking for sealed proposals therefor.  The proposals shall specify the type and spacing to be used at the rate or rates named in the bids.  The city council shall accept the bid which, under the circumstances, appears to be in the best interest of the city, or the city council may reject all bids and readvertise for new bids.  The newspaper to which the award for such advertising is made shall be known as the official newspaper.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70)