Section 52.
All of the provisions of the Revised Code of the State of Ohio relating to Municipal Civil Service are hereby adopted and made a part of this Charter, excepting that all positions in the public service of the City of Youngstown shall be classified as follows:
   A. The unclassified service shall include:
       (1)   All officer elected by the people.
       (2)   Chief of Police.
       (3)   Chief of Fire Department.
       (4)   Commissioner of Water.
       (5)   Members of Board of Health.
       (6)   (Deleted)
       (7)   Commissioner of Engineering.
       (8)   Commissioner of Public Buildings.
       (9)   Director of Law and Assistants.
      (10)   Director of Finance.
      (11)   Clerk of Council.
      (12)   One Secretary for Head of a Department.
      (13)   Unskilled Labor.
      (14)   Architects, Civil Engineers and other professionals not in the regular employment of the City may be engaged for special work requiring experience and knowledge by the officers and boards in charge of the several departments, provided that the approval of the Mayor and of Council must first be secured in all cases.
      (15)   Director of Community Planning and Economic Development.
      (16)   Code Enforcement and Blight Remediation Superintendent.
   B.    The classified service shall comprise all positions not specifically included in the Charter in the unclassified service.
   C.   All employees, elected officials and all appointees to commissions or boards shall be residents and domiciled in the City of Youngstown.
   D.   All appointees to boards and commissions authorized by the Charter shall serve no more than two (2) complete consecutive terms of office. They will be eligible for appointment after an intervening term.
   E.   Any applicant who is a resident of the City of Youngstown, may file documentation, and upon the filing of such proof consistent with rules issued by the Civil Service Commission, shall receive additional credit of fifteen percent (15%) of the person's total grade given in civil service entry-level examination, in which the applicant receives a passing grade. The Civil Service Commission shall issue rules necessary to implement this provision.
      (Amended November 4, 2014.)
   Sections 53 to 68. (Repealed November 7, 1933.)