765.06 SIGNS.
   These regulations are established to ensure provision of signs which clearly and effectively identify parking available to visitors seeking daily or other short-term parking. Signage is required for the following:
   (a)    Visitor-Oriented Parking Facilities. Parking facilities that are available to the general public on an hourly, daily or special event basis shall display a sign or signs, visible from each vehicular entrance displaying the international parking symbol, displayed as a white letter "p" at least fourteen (14) inches in height, placed on a purple (PMS #2685) circular background, a minimum of twenty-two (22) inches in diameter.
   (b)    Display of Rates. Each parking facility shall be furnished with signs readable from each vehicular entrance, displaying all parking rates applicable at any given time. When multiple rates are applicable at a given time, the display shall include, at a minimum, the lowest and highest rates. All rates shall be displayed in numerals which are the same size for each rate. Rates shall be displayed a minimum height of five (5) inches for dollar amounts and three (3) inches for cents.
   (c)    Special Event or Special Rate Parking. Information regarding flat fees for special event parking or other special time-period parking shall be displayed on a free-standing sign with the word "Event" accompanied by the applicable rate.
      (Ord. 15-253. Passed 9-16-15.)