Every applicant for a license to operate a public garage or parking lot shall make application in writing to the Director of Finance, which application shall set forth the following information:
   (a)    The name and address of the applicant, and if a partnership, the names and addresses of all partners, and if a corporation, the name, date and state under which incorporated, and the name and address of the statutory agent;
   (b)    An accurately scaled and dimensioned site plan and elevation drawing(s) showing the configuration of entrances, exits, aisles and spaces; identifying the right-of-way, curbs and sidewalks, signage, landscaping, wheel stops, and screening materials; and indicating the dimensions of all such elements;
   (c)    The hours during which motor vehicles may be stored and the hours during which the premises will be served by an attendant;
   (d)    Such other information as the Director deems pertinent or necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this chapter.
      (Ord. 15-253. Passed 9-16-15.)