Effective January 1, 1980, the following fees and service charges shall be payable in advance where same is known, otherwise, as billed for production records when charges are ascertained:
   (a)   Each corporation, partnership, firm, business association or individual engaged in the distribution or sale of milk or milk products who are under the supervision and inspection of the City Health Department, Dairy Inspection Division, shall pay the City for each calendar year, or part thereof, the following license fees or inspection service charges as follows:
Milk processor's license
$5.00 per year
Milk hauler license
5.00 per year
Milk producer license
5.00 per year
      Milk processor inspection fees shall be two and one half cents (2 ½¢) per hundredweight of milk processed if within the City limits, and three cents (3¢) per hundredweight of milk if processed outside the City limits. All inspection fees shall be billed and paid monthly as provided for by State law.
      The average number of gallons or weight of unprocessed milk handled, sold or distributed daily by each processor or cooperative milk marketing association made up of milk producers shall be estimated as nearly as possible and evidenced by such statements as may be required by the Health Commissioner. Records of the company or individual shall be available to the Health Department to determine the correctness of the estimate for the purpose of arriving at the fees to be charged. A plant with a monthly average of less than 100,000 pounds shall be charged a flat inspection fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per month per producer; also the plant shall assume the laboratory cost incurred in the conducting of the required test of the raw milk for pasteurization and the pasteurized milk and milk products.
      (Ord. 82-216. Passed 5-26-82.)
   (b)   Effective January 1, 1987, each corporation, partnership, firm, business association or individual engaged in the distribution or sale of milk or dairy products as indicated below shall be under the supervision and inspection of the Food and Restaurant Division of the City Health Department. An appropriate license shall be secured from the Board of Health at the license fee indicated each calendar year, or part thereof:
Distributor of milk products other than as provided for a processor
$ 75.00
Operator or owners of ice cream freezers, custard freezers, or imitations thereof or similar products
25.00 per dispensing per head
Retail sale of milk and milk products
10.00 per year
Wholesale delivery of ice cream, ice cream mix, frozen custard mix or imitations thereof
75.00 per year
(Ord. 86-125. Passed 4-9-86.)