(a)   Definition. "Recyclable material" or "recyclables" means materials having an economic value in the secondary materials market. The following materials have such an economic value: aluminum cans and articles, bi-metal cans, glass containers, plastic beverage containers, computer printout paper, computer tab cards, office paper, steel cans and newspapers.
   (b)   Program Established. There is hereby established a recycling program which includes mandatory separating by City residents of recyclables from garbage and rubbish discarded for municipal pick-up and which also includes transport and subsequent placement of such recyclable materials into the secondary materials market.
   (c)   Separation of Recyclables and Placement for Removal. Residents of the City, prior to placing household refuse at the street line for weekly collection by the Municipality, shall separate all recyclable material from other refuse which shall be collected by the City along with the regular rubbish by its designated agent. All newspaper shall be bundled separately and tied with string or twine or placed in separate paper sacks, and all other recyclables shall be placed at the street line in a separate container or containers provided by the City. All such separate recyclable material shall then be placed along side the regular refuse.
   (d)   Failure to Separate Recyclable Materials. It shall be a violation of this section for any person to place refuse for collection by the Municipality unless they have first separated out all recyclable material for separate pick-up as set forth in subsection (c) hereof.
   (e)   Collection by Unauthorized Person. From the time a resident places recyclables at the street line in accordance with the terms hereof, such recyclable items shall become the property of the City. It shall be a violation of this section for any person unauthorized by the City to collect or pick up or cause to be collected or picked up any such items, including the distributed orange bin identified presently by a City seal, and each such collection or pick-up in violation hereof from any location shall constitute a separate and distinct offense, punishable as hereinafter provided.
   (f)   Additional Methods of Disposal. Nothing in this section shall prohibit any person from donating or selling recyclables to any other person whether operating for profit or not for profit.
(Ord. 91-707. Passed 11-20-91.)