(a)    The City of Youngstown will issue one trash cart at no cost to all customers.
   (b)    City issued carts shall remain the property of the City of Youngtown and will be assigned to a particular address. No person shall remove a City owned cart from the address that it is registered to.
   (c)   If the customer vacates the property, the City issued cart must remain with the property or be returned to the City.
   (d)   No person shall be in possession of a City issued cart that is not registered to their property.
   (e)   No person shall remove a City issued cart from the City of Youngstown.
   (f)   Additional City issued carts may be purchased from the City of Youngstown Department of Public Works. Additional Carts cannot be removed from the property to which they were purchased for without the prior approval of the Deputy Director of Public Works or his or her designee.
   (g)   City issued carts found to have been removed from the location to which they are registered shall be subject to repossession by the City.
   (h)   Every person maintaining a garbage receptacle(s) shall be required to keep such receptacle(s) in the rear area of his residence, except for a period of twelve hours prior to collection and twenty-four hours subsequent to collection. In the event the rear area is adjacent to any public way, such receptacle shall be kept at least twenty-five feet away from such adjacent public way.
   (i)   Any person who violates one or more of subsections (b) - (f) is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. (Ord. 18-94. Passed 4-18-18.)