(a) Required. All taxicabs and automobiles for hire shall have a taximeter affixed thereto.
   (b) Inspection. No person owning or operating any taxicab or automobile for hire shall offer or let the same for hire or reward, anywhere within the City, unless the taximeter affixed thereto has been examined, inspected and tested by an officer of the City as provided in this section. If the taximeter after examination, inspection and test does not properly and correctly register, indicate or display the distance traveled, the time consumed, the amount of extras used by the taxicab or automobile and the amount of fare determined and charged therefor, no owner, operator or person in charge of such taxicab or automobile for hire, shall use or permit the use of such vehicle until there is affixed thereto a taximeter approved by the officer of the City as to its ability to measure correctly. Nothing herein shall be construed as giving any officer the right or authority to determine as to make, style or type used, so long as the taximeter shall correctly measure and record distance traveled and fare to be paid.
   (c) Exemptions. The requirements of subsections (a) and (b) hereof shall not apply to motorcycles as herein defined, but shall apply to all other cars for hire.
   (d) Meter to Register Properly and Correctly. No person shall permit to be driven or shall drive a taxicab or automobile for hire or reward, within the City, to which is attached a taximeter registering improperly or incorrectly.
   (e) Fare To Be Visible; Meter Lighted. Every taximeter shall be connected or affixed to the taxicab or automobile for hire so that the amount of fare determined and charged for its use is plainly visible from the inside of the taxicab or automobile for hire to all passengers or occupants of the car. During the period which, by law, motor vehicles are to be equipped with lights on or about such taxicab or automobile kept for hire, there shall be a light reflected upon the dial of the taximeter to enable passengers or occupants to read the figures indicated thereon from the inside of the taxicab or automobile for hire.
   (f) Duty of Sealer of Weights and Measures. It shall be the duty of the Sealer of Weights and Measures to examine, inspect and seal all taximeters used in the City at least once in every three months. In the event complaint is made to the Sealer that any taximeter registers improperly or incorrectly, it shall be his duty immediately to examine and inspect such taximeter.
   Every examination and inspection shall include the examination and inspection of the taximeter affixed to the taxicab or automobile for hire and of every wheel, tire, gear, shaft and other part of the mechanism which may affect or control the operation of such taximeter. The usual standards of measures and the tests shall be used therein by the Sealer. It shall be the duty of the Sealer to seal all taximeters found correct and accurate and to keep a record of the number of all taximeters and the date of the examination and inspection thereof in the books of his office.
   (g) Examination and Inspection Fee. There shall be a seventy-five cent (75¢) fee charged for examination and inspection of all taximeters, but no charge shall be made for inspection made upon complaint unless the taximeters register incorrectly or inaccurately.
   (h) Manipulating or Tampering With Taximeter. No person licensed under this chapter shall manipulate or attempt to manipulate a taximeter, directly or indirectly, in any manner or to attempt to cause it to measure or indicate incorrectly.
   (i) Disposition of Fees. The money received by the City Sealer of Weights and Measures for examining and inspecting taximeters shall be paid into the General Fund.
(1967 Code §§ 117.55 to 117.63)