(a)   Application. Each owner of taxicabs, automobiles and/or motorcycles for rent, lease or hire shall apply to the Mayor for a license for each of the aforesaid vehicles he owns. Application shall be made on forms provided by the Mayor's office. The application forms shall provide space for the following information:
      (1)   The full name of the person making application.
      (2)   If a firm or corporation, the members composing same, or the officers thereof.
      (3)   Residence or place of business.
      (4)   The names of three persons to whom reference may be made as to the character of the applicant(s).
      (5)   The make, style, seating capacity and State license number of each machine or vehicle for which a license is requested.
         (1967 Code Sec. 117.41.)
   (b)   Additional License Fee. Each vehicle license application provided in subsection (a) hereof shall be accompanied by a license fee of forty dollars ($40.00) per year per taxicab, effective January 1, 2005, and fifty dollars ($50.00) per year per taxicab, effective January 1, 2006, which shall be in addition to the fee required to be paid on motor vehicles under State law.
(Ord. 04-167. Passed 7-21-04.)
   (c)   Fee To Be Paid in Advance. No owner, operator or driver shall use any taxicab, automobile or motorcycle kept for rent, lease or hire upon City streets without first paying the license fee required in subsection (b) hereof and receiving a license therefor.
   (d)   Transfer of License. Upon the application of an owner of a taxicab or automobile kept for hire to the Mayor, the latter may authorize the transfer of a license issued for a particular taxicab or automobile kept for hire, to another taxicab or automobile kept for hire, of the same owner. The transfer shall be recorded on the record of licenses kept in the office, but it shall be unlawful to make such transfer without first obtaining the consent of the Mayor.
(1967 Code §§117.41, 117.43 to 117.45)