No person owning, operating or controlling any motor vehicle or taxicab shall make any charge for a fare unless such fare has been determined solely by the use of a taximeter and is based upon the following rates:
For the first 1/10 mile or fraction thereof
For each additional 1/10 mile or fraction
For each six minute waiting
Minimum charge per trip
Extra Charges:
Extra passengers (each over one)
Extra stops (pickup or discharge passengers)
Trunks, footlockers
Grocery and laundry bags 1 to 5
Grocery and laundry bags 6 to 10
   No charge shall be made for the time lost through interruption of street traffic or through the inefficiency of the vehicle or its driver, or for time between a premature arrival in response to a call and the hour for which the vehicle was ordered. When passengers for a different destination are taken in addition to the party first hiring the taxicab or automobile for hire as above provided such passenger may be charged upon the same basis as those originally hiring the conveyance and this shall apply to each person or party bound for separate and distinctly different destination, unless some members of a distinct party shall desire to be discharged at some nearer or closer point than that to which the other member or members of his distinct party is bound. In this event, the party so discharged shall, at all times, be considered a member of the party, and therefore the extra charge of fifty cents (50¢) only applies to him/her.
(Ord. 87-274. Passed 6-3-87.)