For purposes of this Chapter:
   (a)   Refuse haulers are those individuals or companies who buy, exchange, collect, receive, transport, store or sell any article defined as refuse, without also satisfying both of the following two criteria:
      (1)   All of said articles were removed, produced or derived from his/her own personal residence, and
      (2)   The hauler carries with him/her a valid driver's license and demonstrable proof that the source of the articles is his/her personal residence.
   (b)   The term "Refuse" shall include:
      (1)   Rejected or discarded materials including, but not    limited to, garbage, waste, rubbish, junk, trash, construction materials, tires and the like;
      (2)   Aluminum siding, copper pipes, copper wiring, downspouts or gutters, doors, windows, hot water tanks, plumbing fixtures or other fixtures which had previously been part of or affixed to a structure; or
      (3)   Salvaged iron, steel, brass, lead, copper, ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal, including, but not limited to, aluminum, other base metals, and their compounds or combinations.
   (c)   None of the above definitions of "Refuse" shall be construed to apply to aluminum cans collected for purposes of recycling.
      (Ord. 11-400. Passed 2-1-12.)