Sec. 9-6.09.   Sunken Vessels.
   A.   Whenever a vessel is wrecked or sunk in a waterway, accidentally or otherwise, the owner shall immediately notify the Sheriff and United States Coast Guard and mark the vessel's position by a buoy or beacon by day, and by an electric light visible for at least 100 yards by night, and maintain such markings until the obstruction is removed. The owner of such a wrecked or sunken vessel shall immediately commence removal of the vessel and prosecute the removal diligently to completion, and the failure to do so shall constitute an abandonment of the vessel and subject the vessel to removal and disposition in accordance with the provisions of section 9-6.05 and section 9-6.06. No person shall return a wrecked or sunken vessel to its berth within the waterway without the prior approval of the Sheriff. The owner of a sunken or wrecked vessel shall be liable for any damage which results to County property or other vessels in the waterway.
   B.   In accordance with subdivision A, a vessel that is not properly marked, or a vessel where removal does not commence immediately and is not completed within 14 days, is subject to removal, storage, and disposal in accordance with Yolo County Code section 9-6.05 and section 9-6.06.
(§ 3, Ord. 1476, eff. December 22, 2016, as amended by § 2, Ord. 1513, eff. October 24, 2019)