Sec. 9-6.08.   Sanitation and Pollution.
   A person shall not do any of the following:
   A.   Place, deposit or dump any garbage on or adjacent to the bulkheads, docks, piers, gangways, or wharves of any waterway where the material is likely to be washed or otherwise deposited into a waterway by tides, floods, storms, waves, or accidental displacement;
   B.   Discharge or allow the release of any raw or untreated sewage or oily waste water from any vessel in the waters of Yolo County;
   C.   Cause any mooring line, water hose, electrical cable or other service line to extend across a dock, pier, or gangway so as to create a hazardous condition that could cause accident or injury; or cause or allow any object such as ladders, tools, canvas, vessels, boat gear, or other materials or equipment to obstruct free passage along any dock, pier, or gangway; or create any other hazardous condition on a dock, pier, or gangway that could cause accident or injury; or
   D.   Leave or store on any dock pier or gangway, or wharf of a waterway any empty tanks or containers previously used for flammable or combustible liquids, unless free from explosive vapors, except that empty safety containers may be kept in storage.
(§ 3, Ord. 1476, eff. December 22, 2016, as amended by § 2, Ord. 1513, eff. October 24, 2019)