Sec. 9-6.04.   Enforcement.
   A.   The first three violations of this Chapter by any person shall be punishable as an infraction. The fourth and subsequent violations of this Chapter by that person shall be punishable as misdemeanors or infractions, at the District Attorney's discretion. The person is guilty of a separate offense for each and every day on which a violation of this Chapter occurs.
   B.   Public Nuisance. Violations of this Chapter are a public nuisance and the county counsel is authorized to prosecute an action in a court of competent jurisdiction to enjoin the violations and recover costs.
   C.   Enforcement. In addition to any other remedies allowed by law, any person who violates any provisions of this Chapter is subject to criminal sanctions, civil actions, and administrative penalties.
   D.   Immediate Threat to Public Health and Safety. Nothing in this Chapter is intended to alter, affect or restrict the right of the Sheriff to remove any vessel to address an immediate threat to public health and safety or emergency condition or situation.
   E.   The Sheriff, code enforcement officer, or any peace officer is authorized to enforce this Chapter.
   F.   All notices issued by the Sheriff, code enforcement officer or peace officer pursuant to this Chapter shall be transmitted to the registered vessel owner by first class mail and shall be attached to the vessel in a conspicuous place so as to be easily observed by the person in charge of the vessel or by the agent of the owner, or by personal service by the Sheriff, code enforcement officer, or peace officer.
   G.   Vessel owner(s) shall be responsible to pay any costs incurred by the County enforcing provisions of this Chapter.
(§ 3, Ord. 1476, eff. December 22, 2016, as amended by § 2, Ord. 1513, eff. October 24, 2019)