Sec. 9-2.04.   Signs: Construction: Form.
   The Parks Department shall have prepared boating regulation signs in sufficient number to supply all the public boating facilities which are located within the County. The signs shall be constructed of metal and shall be twenty-four (24”) inches by eighteen (18”) inches in dimensions. The following legend shall be printed on such signs in black on a white background surrounded by a one and one-half (1 1/2”) inch orange border:
   State law makes it a misdemeanor to operate your powerboat in excess of five (5) nautical miles per hour when you are:
   (1)   Within 100 feet of bathers;
   (2)   Within 200 feet of a bathing beach;
   (3)   Within 200 feet of a swimming float, diving platform, or lifeline; or
   (4)   Within 200 feet of a way or landing float to which boats are made fast or which is used for the embarkation or debarkation of passengers.
   Observe these rules.
(§ 5, Ord. 552)