Sec. 9-1.06.   Boats and aquaplanes: Speed and manner of operation.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any boat or aquaplane in a manner or at a rate of speed which endangers the life, limb, or property of any person, taking into account weather conditions, light conditions, the ordinary use of water navigated, any supervised and authorized boat race or water show, the depth of the water, the proximity to shore, docks, boat launching and landing ramps, swimmers, boats, and other obstacles, the condition of the boat operated, and any other factor which a reasonable, prudent person would consider in the safe operation of such boat. The operation of a boat or aquaplane under any of the following conditions shall constitute prima facie evidence that the same is being operated in violation of the provisions of this section:
   (a)   At a speed greater than will permit the boat or aquaplane to be fully stopped by the exercise of reasonable care within the assured clear distance ahead; or
   (b)   At a speed in excess of five (5) statute miles per hour on any public waterway in any of the following areas:
   (1)   Within 100 feet of any person who is bathing or swimming;
   (2)   Within 100 feet of any person riding water skis or an aquaplane where the course of the boat is such as to bring it within fifty (50’) feet of the rider should he at anytime fall;
   (3)   Within 200 feet of any swimming float, diving platform, lifeline, or designated swimming area;
   (4)   Within 200 feet of any dock, wharf, dam, way, or landing float to which boats are landed or made fast or which is used for the embarkation or discharge of passengers;
   (5)   Within 100 feet of the shore at any place except while in the act of launching or landing an aquaplane or water skier;
   (6)   Within 100 feet of any watercraft, sixteen (16’) feet in length or smaller, which might be seriously endangered by the action caused by the wake created by the passing vessel;
   (7)   Within 200 feet of any area designed as an emergency area by the Sheriff-Coroner or any authorized boat while such boat is in the act of rescue operations or dragging for bodies or equipment provided such boats are marked;
   (8)   Within 200 feet of the boundaries of any fish spawning area marked or designated as such by the Department of Fish and Game of the State; and
   (9)   Within 200 feet of trolling fishing boats to avoid fouling of trolling lines. Trolling boats shall display a white flag not less than two (2’) feet in size to give adequate warning of trolling activities. (§ 6, Ord. 360)