A.   Applicability: The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the following:
      1.   All new development projects, including model homes for subdivisions.
      2.   An expansion to any existing building on any site, when the site is not in conformance with this chapter, according to the percentage of site area required to be landscaped and irrigated, and/or the number of trees required. Landscaping shall be required in accordance with section 9-6-6 of this chapter in an amount which is proportionate to such expansion as demonstrated in the following example:
   Existing building = 10,000 square feet
   Expansion = 1,000 square feet or 10 percent increase
   Zoning = C2; 15 percent required
   0.10 X 0.15 = 0.015 or 1.5 percent of the site is to be landscaped
      3.   If a proposed building expansion exceeds seventy five percent (75%) of the present size of the building, the site must be brought into compliance with the current landscape ordinance.
   B.   Exceptions: The provisions of this chapter (except for section 9-6-8 of this chapter) do not apply to the following:
      1.   Single-family dwelling units or duplexes on separate lots, except commonly owned areas in planned developments.
      2.   Building permits for interior remodel except in change of use from residential to nonresidential or single-family to multi-family.
      3.   Permits such as, but not limited to, reroofing, siding, temporary power, change of electrical service, change of furnace, mobile home setup, addition of interior plumbing, addition of interior electrical, fencing, on and off premises signs, and encroachment.
      4.   Development projects where the existing vegetation to be retained meets or exceeds the requirements of this section. (Ord. 06-01, 1-25-2006)