A.   Each owner, operator or other person in control of a development project, shall be required at all times to keep all landscaping materials in good health, repair and maintenance. The city may require the immediate replacement of any and all dead or damaged plant materials.
   B.   If any portion of the landscaping material or irrigation equipment is damaged, destroyed or otherwise injured, the owner, operator or other person in control of the development project shall replace or repair the damage or injury within thirty (30) days following notification from the public works director of the damage. If the season of the year makes this repair or replacement infeasible within the thirty (30) day period, the person responsible for the landscaping shall schedule an appropriate time for the accomplishment of this work with the public works director.
   C.   If the repair or replacement is not accomplished in a timely fashion as described in subsection B of this section, the public works director may initiate proceedings to revoke the special use permit or business license for the subject use. (Ord. 06-01, 1-25-2006)