Upon determination of City Council that premises are blighted and that acquisition by the City is necessary in order to eliminate the blight and prevent recurrence of blight upon the premises, the City Manager is hereby authorized to:
   (a)    Acquire the premises by purchase; or
   (b)    Acquire the premises by court action exercising the City's constitutional right of eminent domain.
   (c)   After acquisition, to eliminate the blight by:
      (1)    Demolition and clearance of the premises by an independent contractor or City forces, or clearance if demolition of structures is not necessary; or
      (2)    Rehabilitation by an independent contractor or by City forces; or
      (3)    Sale of the blighted premises to a purchaser upon terms providing for the elimination of the blight and prevention of its recurrence; or
      (4)    Sale of the premises after demolition and clearance (if not needed for municipal purposes) for use or development in accordance with applicable Building Code and Zoning Code provisions; or
      (5)    Any combination of the above provisions.
         (Ord. 1193-1973. Passed 4-16-73.)