The City Manager shall present to City Council, from time to time, a report which shall list therein the location and ownership of premises which he/she has reason to believe are blighted premises as defined in Section 1193.02(a), and which are located in the City outside of urban renewal areas or "blighted areas" as defined in Chapter 1191. The report will state briefly the factors which, in the City Manager's opinion, would warrant the determination that the premises so listed in the report are blighted.
   The premises so listed in the report shall be only those blighted premises which, in the opinion of the City Manager, are such that, in order to eliminate the existing blight and to prevent future blight, acquisition thereof will be necessary for one or more of the following reasons:
   (a)    The owner of the premises cannot or will not:
      (1)    Eliminate the blighted condition, and/or
      (2)    Prevent recurrence of blight; or
   (b)   The owner has not responded to a lawful order by the City for him to take action to eliminate its recurrence within thirty days after due notice of the request or order has been given him by:
      (1)   Posting such order or notice on the premises; or
      (2)    Personal delivery; or
      (3)    Mailing such order or notice to the last known address of the owner; or
      (4)   Publishing once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation a notice of the issuance of the order relating to the premises and directing the owner to contact the City Manager in regard to such order; and
   (c)    Direct action, short of acquisition by the City to eliminate the blight, including but not limited to clearing the premises of the debris, demolition of blighted structures, or barricading such structure has proved to be unsuccessful:
      (1)   To eliminate the blight; or
      (2)    To prevent its recurrence; or
   (d)   In the opinion of the City Manager, based upon conditions existing on the premises and in the neighborhood, such direct action would be likely to prove inadequate to eliminate blight or prevent the recurrence.
      (Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)