(A)   Every licensee/applicant under this chapter shall permit all reasonable inspections of his or her business premises and shall at all times comply with the laws and regulations applicable to such business premises, including after the expiration of the license and during the period the license may be revoked or suspended.
   (B)   The tattoo licensee/applicant shall display his or her license in an open and conspicuous place on the premises of the tattoo parlor.
   (C)   If, while any application for a tattoo license is pending, or during the term of any license granted hereunder, there is any change in fact, policy or method which would alter the information provided in such application, the applicant/licensee shall notify the Police Chief of such change, in writing, within 72 hours after such change.
(Prior Code, § 40-100) (Ord. 993, passed 6-5-1995; Ord. 1477, passed 6-17-2019) Penalty, see § 133.999