(A)   Before the approval of Council is given for the issuance, renewal or transfer of a liquor license, or stock in a licensed business, the application for such issuance, renewal or transfer shall be referred to the following departments: Fire; Police; Engineering; Treasurer; Legal; and Municipal Service. The written report of all such departments certifying compliance with all applicable laws and regulations shall be received by the City Clerk before such application shall be approved by Council.
   (B)   The city, in its discretion, may approve the issuance, renewal or transfer of a liquor license or stock in a licensed business that is a conforming use in accordance with Ch. 159 of this code of ordinances that may have outstanding code violations that are not safety related as determined by the City Engineer and Fire Chief; provided, all of the following circumstances exist:
      (1)   The amount of money required to correct said violations shall be placed in escrow with the Department of Engineering and Building;
      (2)   The outstanding violations shall be completed within six months of the payment of the funds into escrow;
      (3)   The applicant will execute a document acknowledging that if the applicant fails to complete the repairs of the outstanding code violations within the six months, then the city may object to the renewal of any liquor license and may commence proceedings to revoke the liquor license as provided in this section;
      (4)   An escrow may be permitted when the city determines that the renewal or transfer of the license of stock in an existing licensed business concerns a situation in which the daily operation of the business will continue to be carried on by the current management staff or in a situation when the transfer of stock involves less than 50% of the capital or the voting stock of the licensed business or the transfer involves less than 50% of the partnership interest (if the applicant is a partnership) of the licensed business; and
      (5)   The city is satisfied that the licensed business has been operated in accordance with the guidelines set forth in § 117.001 of this chapter and is satisfied that approval of the requested issuance, renewal or transfer will not adversely affect said compliance with the stated guidelines.
(Prior Code, § 21-287) (Ord. 1178, passed 10-6-2003; Ord. 1315, passed 7-27-2009)