No license shall be issued to operate on any premises:
   (A)   Where there exists a violation of the applicable Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing or Fire Prevention Codes, or of applicable zoning regulations or applicable public health regulations;
   (B)   Where it is determined by a majority of Council that the premises do not, or will not reasonably soon after commencement of operations, have adequate off-street parking, lighting, refuse disposal facilities or noise or nuisance control, or that new construction or remodeling as proposed may not be completed; and
   (C)   Where Council determines, by a majority vote, that the location proposed for a licensed liquor establishment will have an adverse effect on the surrounding community, with consideration given to public safety, health and welfare of the community and to traffic safety conditions, accessibility to major streets or highways, distance from public or private schools, impact on adjacent residential districts, zoning classifications and the availability of parking to adequately service the proposed use.
(Prior Code, § 21-280) (Ord. 1178, passed 10-6-2003)