§ 116.003 VEHICLES.
   (A)   (1)   No person shall transport through any thoroughfare in the city any poultry, seafood, meat or meat food products in a vehicle unless it is so covered and closed as to be protected from dust, dirt, insects or any other substance that will render it unclean, unwholesome or detrimental to health.
      (2)   Every container in every vehicle shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times.
      (3)   All vehicles distributing fresh meats or poultry must be refrigerated at temperatures of 50°F or lower and no meat, meat food products, poultry, fish or seafood shall be kept or left in any vehicle over night.
   (B)   Possession of seafood, poultry, meat or meat food products by any person in the business of selling, manufacturing or processing such products shall be deemed prima facie evidence that such products are being offered for sale.
(Prior Code, § 12-18) (Ord. 609, passed 3-27-1978) Penalty, see § 10.999