At its organizational meeting after each election of Council members, the Council shall elect a President of Council and a President Pro-tem of Council, from among its members, for a term of two (2) years. The process for such election may be included in rules adopted by Council pursuant to Section 2.15 of this Charter. The President Pro-tem of Council shall act as President of Council in the absence of the President of Council.
     At said organizational meeting, the Council shall also elect as Mayor and Vice-Mayor suitable persons from among citizens of this Municipality, qualified to serve on Council, for a term of two (2) years. A member of Council may not be elected either as Mayor or as Vice-Mayor.
     The Mayor shall serve as judge of the Mayor's Court to hear and determine misdemeanor cases arising under the ordinances of this Municipality, as provided by the laws of the State, unless and until another and different court is required by State legislative act. So long as there is a Mayor's Court, the Mayor and Vice-Mayor shall each be an attorney admitted to the Bar of Ohio and be in good-standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio. Nothing in this Section 2.05 shall limit the City Council from appointing a magistrate to preside over Mayor's Court in the absence of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor. City Council shall establish the qualifications of a magistrate and shall make such appointment by resolution.
     The Mayor shall further be recognized as the ceremonial head of the Municipality but shall have no administrative duties. The Vice-Mayor shall act as Mayor during the absence of the Mayor. A vacancy in the office of Mayor or Vice-Mayor shall be deemed to occur for the same reasons set forth for a vacancy in the office of member of Council as provided in Section 2.03 hereof. Upon a vacancy in the office of Mayor, the Vice-Mayor shall serve for the unexpired term or until a Mayor is elected, whichever first occurs.
(Amended November 8, 2016.)