Vacancies in the office of member of Council shall be deemed to occur upon and as of the time of the presentation of a resignation to the President or President Pro-tem of Council, the death of a member of Council, a determination by Council that a member of Council ceases to possess or has violated any of the qualifications for the office of Council as provided in Sec. 2.02 of this Article, the retirement from office after being recalled as provided in Sec. 8.01 of this Charter, or upon removal from office as provided by law. Any vacancy in the office of Council member shall be filled by the election of a person qualified as provided in Sec. 2.02 of this Article by a majority of the remaining members of Council. The person so elected shall serve until the next regular municipal election, occurring not less than ninety days thereafter when a successor shall be elected by the electors for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any; if not, for a full term.