Minimum Dimensional Requirements
1149.01   Yard, area and height for dwellings and accessory structures.
1149.02   Yard, area and height for all buildings other than dwellings.
1149.03   Yards for nonresidential uses abutting "R" Districts.
1149.031   Yards for multi-family residential uses abutting Single Family “R” Districts.
1149.04   Height for institutional, industrial and apartment buildings.
1149.05   Existing lots of record.
1149.06   Architectural projections.
1149.07   Setback of buildings on principal streets and highways.
1149.08   Special yard requirements.
1149.09   Traffic visibility across corner lots.
      Off-street parking and loading - see P. & Z. Ch. 1171
      Community development projects - see P. & Z. 1173.01
      Design regulations for shopping centers - see P. & Z. 1175.01(c)
      Design regulations for integrated office, research or industrial centers - see P. & Z. 1175.02(c)
      Performance requirements - see P. & Z. 1175.03
      Motel lot size - see P. & Z. 1175.04
      Signs - see P. & Z. 1175.05