Right-of-Way Regulations
   EDITOR’S NOTE:  Present Chapter 949 was adopted by Ordinance 72-96, passed September 9, 1996.  Subsequent amendments or additions to the chapter will be indicated by legislative histories placed at the end of the affected sections.
949.01   Purpose and scope.
949.02   Definitions.
949.03   Types of permits or franchises; authority.
949.04   Procedure for permits; terms.
949.05   Criteria for granting permits or franchises.
949.06   Obligation of permittees  and franchisees; conditions of permits and franchises.
949.07   Permit fees and auditing.
949.08   Notice of right of way work; joint planning.
949.09   Use of permittee facilities.
949.10   Indemnification.
949.11   Removal of facilities.
949.12   Remedies and revocation.
949.13   Reservation of rights.
949.14   Street vacation.
949.15   Temporary movement of facilities.
949.16   Foreclosure and receivership.
949.17   Nonenforcement and waivers by City.
949.18   Controlling law.
949.19   Captions.
949.99   Penalty.
Right of way standards - see S.U. & P.S.  Ch. 901