A.   Position Established: The position of community service officer is hereby established. The chief of police shall have the authority to hire such number of community service officers as provided for within the annual appropriation. The chief of police shall have the power to hire, fire and discipline all community service officers. A community service officer is a uniformed, unarmed, civilian member of the police department utilized to assist sworn police officers through the performance of nonlaw enforcement duties and through the enforcement of village ordinances.
   B.   Rules And Regulations: Community service officers shall be subject to such rules, regulations, procedures and orders as promulgated by the chief of police.
   C.   Responsibilities: The duties of the community service officer shall include:
      1.   Assistance to the public.
      2.   Enforce ordinance violations involving parking, vehicle tag, animals, nuisances, business code, vending machines, garbage and refuse. Reporting of violations of other ordinances as observed by a community service officer.
      3.   Process noncriminal complaints.
      4.   Patrol to observe and enforce parking regulations.
      5.   Write reports as required by supervisory personnel.
      6.   Provide traffic related services that include assisting patrol officers with traffic control regarding utility complaints or failures, school crossing details, parades, special events, traffic surveys and Metra traffic detail.
      7.   Transport department vehicles and equipment for service, repair, fueling and washing.
      8.   Pick up and delivery of bank deposits and documents.
      9.   Provide desk relief and food pick up for on duty records clerk. Provide relief on desk when needed and monitor prisoners.
      10.   Golf course security.
      11.   Authorize the towing of abandoned vehicles on private property and public highways in accordance with department policy and provisions of the Illinois vehicle code.
      12.   Provide assistance in various community relations/crime prevention programs.
      13.   Provide assistance at special events.
      14.   Female community service officers will act as matron for arrests involving females.
      15.   Assist motorists.
      16.   Perform any other nonhazardous duties as required or assigned by supervisory personnel.
   D.   Limitations: The actions of community service officers shall be limited as follows:
      1.   Shall not handle cases involving the investigation of a criminal matter other than in specified situations to assist a sworn officer.
      2.   Shall not carry a firearm.
      3.   Shall not have arrest powers, and shall not assume police powers or police authority at any time except as specifically directed.
      4.   Shall immediately notify a police supervisor and request a decision from said supervisor regarding any incident he is handling if circumstances indicate a sworn police officer is needed.
      5.   Shall obey all traffic laws while on duty.
      6.   Shall operate emergency equipment (e.g., overhead lights) only after his vehicle is stationary and positioned (e.g., motorist assists, traffic accidents, traffic control) or with supervisory approval. At no time shall a vehicle be driven with emergency equipment activated.
      7.   Shall not fingerprint prisoners unless authorized by a supervisor.
      8.   Shall not be assigned to solicitor complaints, suspicious persons or vehicles, alarm calls, open doors, traffic stops, domestics, fights in progress, loud parties, bar checks, crimes in progress, or any other call that might constitute a hazard for an unarmed officer. (Ord. 08-13, 7-15-2008)