A.   Adoption Of Code: The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, 2021 edition, as published by the International Code Council, shall be and is hereby adopted as the swimming pool and spa code for the City, for the control of buildings and structures as provided herein; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said International Swimming Pool and Spa, are hereby referred to, adopted and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in this section, with additions, insertions, deletions and changes prescribed in subsection B of this section.
   B.   Additions, Insertions, And Changes: The following sections of the International Swimming Pool and Spa, 2021 edition, are hereby revised as follows:
   General - Section 101.1 Title.
   Insert (second line): "City of Woodstock, McHenry County, Illinois"
   Code Compliance Agency - Section 101.1 Creation of Agency.
   Insert: "City of Woodstock Building and Zoning Department"
   Duties and Powers of the Code Official - Section 104.2.
   Insert at end: "The code official, however, is authorized to approve minor alterations, improvements, or changes after making a determination that such alterations, improvements, or changes do not affect the safety or structural integrity of a building or structure or negate the intent of these regulations."
   Board of Appeals - Section 108 Board of Appeals.
   Delete Sections 108.1 through 108.7
   Insert: "108.1. Board of Building Construction: Any person shall have the right to appeal to the city of Woodstock Board of Building Construction a decision of the application and interpretation of this code by the code official. An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted or the provisions of this code do not fully apply. The establishment of the Board of Building Construction, its membership and their terms, frequency of meetings, and the board's powers and duties shall be as indicated in the city code of the City of Woodstock."
(Ord. 16-O-23, 4-5-2016; amd. Ord. 23-O-04, 1-17-2023, eff. 5-1-2023)