A.   Compliance: No building permit required by this chapter shall be issued unless the provisions of this chapter and chapter 8 of this title, pertaining to the Central Business District Commission and the Site Plan Review Commission, respectively, have been complied with. (Ord. 2395, 2-2-1993; amd. Ord. 99-O-9, 2-2-1999, eff. 4-1-1999)
   B.   Monotony Regulations:
      1.   No building permit shall be issued for any new single-family detached dwelling unit or duplex dwelling unit, which is similar in appearance to any dwelling on the same street and within a distance of three hundred feet (300') of it.
      2.   A dwelling unit on a corner lot may be considered dissimilar to another if the two (2) dwellings face different streets. On a cul-de-sac turnaround, no dwelling shall be similar in appearance to another dwelling on the turnaround.
      3.   For purposes of measurement, the three hundred foot (300') separation distance shall be measured between the nearest points on a lot or parcel line.
      4.   For purposes of this subsection, the term "similar in appearance" shall mean a dwelling which is identical or nearly identical. A variety of characteristics, including, but not limited to, roof type and height, location of windows and doors, and location and measurements of garage doors, may be used when determining the presence of monotony.
      5.   If lots within three hundred feet (300') of each other have different housing styles, including, but not limited to, ranch, bilevel, trilevel, one and one-half (11/2) story, two-story or three-story, the difference in housing styles may be significant enough to constitute a dissimilarity.
      6.   Snout houses, as well as similar residential dwellings where a front load garage is the dominant feature of a front facade, are discouraged.
      7.   The regulations set forth in this subsection B shall be administered by the building inspector and compliance with said regulations shall be determined when an application for building plan approval and permit issuance has been submitted to the City for approval. (Ord. 07-O-33, 4-3-2007)
   C.   Portion Of Driveway Between Edge Of Street And Property Line: That portion of a driveway serving a property, located between the edge of the street pavement or back of curb and the edge of the property line or sidewalk in front of said property, shall be constructed of concrete, brick, asphalt or other acceptable paving material approved by the development engineer. (Ord. 2395, 2-2-1993; amd. Ord. 99-O-9, 2-2-1999, eff. 4-1-1999)
   D.   Siltation Fencing: Sites used for new construction activity or similar land disturbing activities shall be protected with siltation fencing and/or similar measures in order to control and minimize soil erosion and sedimentation. (Ord. 2451, 12-21-1993, eff. 1-2-1994; amd. Ord. 99-O-9, 2-2-1999, eff. 4-1-1999)