A.   Notice To Abate: Except where otherwise provided by this Code, the Village Administrator, Police Chief, Director of Public Works or Director of Community Development may serve or cause to be served a notice, in writing, upon the owner, agent, occupant or person in possession, charge or control of any lot, building or premises or item of personalty in or upon which any nuisance exists, requiring them, or either or all of them, to abate the same within a specified reasonable time, in such manner as the notice shall direct. (1976 Code §10-101; amd. 1991 Code; Ord. 2010-29, 5-20-2010)
   B.   Abatement By Village: If the person so served and notified does not abate the nuisance within the specified reasonable time, the Corporate Authorities may proceed to abate the nuisance in any and all manners allowable by law, including, without limiting the generality thereof, the following:
      1.   Seeking to impose a monetary penalty as defined by subsection 4-1-3A of this chapter by instituting an ordinance enforcement action.
      2.   Seeking to enjoin the continuation of the nuisance by the filing of a lawsuit in a court of competent jurisdiction. (1976 Code §10-102)
   C.   Summary Abatement: Whenever, in the opinion of one of the Village officers designated in subsection A of this section, the maintenance or continuation of a nuisance creates an imminent threat of serious injury to persons or serious damage to personal or real property, or if the nuisance can be abated summarily without or with only minor damage to the items or premises which are creating the nuisance, and the continuation of the nuisance poses a substantial threat of injury to persons or property or a substantial interference with the quiet enjoyment of life normally present in the community, such officer shall proceed to abate such nuisance; provided, further, that whenever the owner, occupant, agent or person in possession, in charge or control of the real or personal property which has become a nuisance is unknown or cannot readily be found, such officer may proceed to abate such nuisance without notice. Where the abatement of a nuisance requires continuing acts by the Corporate Authorities beyond the initial summary abatement and any other additional emergency abatements, it shall seek abatement of such nuisance on a permanent basis through judicial process as soon as reasonably practicable. (1976 Code §10-103)