(a)    If the recipient of the notice to abate provided for in Section 1341.03 fails to comply with the notice to abate and does not file a timely appeal, or, having filed a timely appeal which is decided adversely to him, continues to fail to abate the nuisance, the Nuisance Officer shall take whatever action is reasonably necessary to abate the public nuisance and may collect the actual costs and expenses thereof as well as all incidental and consequential administrative costs and expenses incurred by the Village. Prior to abating the nuisance the Nuisance Officer shall give written notice of the Village's intent to abate the nuisance to the owner of record of the property and also to any legal and equitable lienholders of record. The written notice shall be served in any manner provided for in Section 1341.03(c).
   (b)    The costs of abatement may be collected in any of the following ways:
      (1)    By commencing a civil suit; or
      (2)    By the Clerk of Council certifying to the County Auditor the total costs to be placed upon the County tax duplicate as a lien upon the property affected and collected as other taxes and remitted to the Village. The costs so certified shall become a lien upon the property affected as of the date they are entered on the tax duplicate.
         (Ord. 1998-28. Passed 9-1-98.)