521.13  LOT CLEAN-UP.
   The procedures for the enforcement of the lot clean-up ordinances of the Municipality shall be as follows:
   (a)   Information regarding a lot which is out of compliance shall be forwarded to the proper committee of Council.
   (b)   An individual of the committee investigates to see if the property is in fact out of compliance.
   (c)   The member of the committee reports his findings to the entire committee.
   (d)   If the lot is out of compliance, the committee votes to send a letter to the property owner signed by the committee chairman or in the absence of the chairman, a member of the committee.
   (e)   If the lot has not been cleaned up within the proper time, the committee, through the chairman or one of its members, files the complaint for violation of the ordinance against the property owner.
   (f)   The Police Department serves a copy of the complaint and warrant citing the property owner into Mayor's Court.
      (Ord. 1984-21.  Passed 5-15-84.)