Section 17.76.020      Special zoning and other relief procedures.
   A.   Form of Approval. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Code, relief required under Chapter 15.40 (Certificate of Appropriateness of Design), Chapter 17.56 (Special Uses), Chapter 17.58 (Planned Developments), Chapter 17.60 (Variations), and Section 17.72.040 (Amendments) ("Applicable Zoning and Other Relief") for property improvement projects that a Cooperating Public Agency proposes to undertake in conjunction with the Village's construction of stormwater improvements ("Stormwater Related Projects"), may be granted by the Village Council by resolution duly adopted. The Village Council may include in any resolution approving Applicable Zoning and Other Relief for a Stormwater Related Project, such stipulations, conditions or restrictions as it deems necessary to protect the public health, safety, comfort, morals or general welfare and not inconsistent with the applicable intergovernmental agreement.
   B.   Public Hearings and Notice. The Village Council shall be the Village body to conduct all public hearings on the Applicable Zoning and Other Relief for Stormwater Related Projects under this section. All otherwise required public notices related to the Applicable Zoning and Other Relief for any Stormwater Related Project, including, without limitation, notice publication, notice posting, notice mailing, and website notice, shall continue to apply.
(MC-6-2019, Added, 06/18/2019)