Chapter 17.56
   17.56.010   Purpose.
   17.56.020   Nonessential Public Uses.
   17.56.030   Application.
   17.56.040   Notice of Public Hearing.
   17.56.050   Written Protest.
   17.56.060   Zoning Board of Appeals Proceedings.
   17.56.065   Plan Commission Proceedings.
   17.56.067   Concurrent Application for a Special Use and Planned Development Approval
   17.56.070   Village Council Proceedings.
   17.56.080   Effect of Village Council Denial of Special Use.
   17.56.090   Limitations on Special Uses.
   17.56.100   Special Use Permit Deemed Null and Void.
   17.56.110   Certain Uses Deemed Lawful Special Uses.
   17.56.120   Standards for Granting of Special Use Permits.
   17.56.130    Amendments to Special Use Permits.