Section 17.72.030   Registration of certain two-family and multiple-family dwellings.
   A.   Annual registration required. All two-family dwellings and all multiple-family dwellings subject to the provisions and regulations of Section 17.12.010, 17.16.010, 17.20.010, 17.24.010 or 17.28.010, shall be registered by their owners or by their owners' agent authorized with the Zoning Administrator prior to February 1st each year.
   B.   Registration forms. The annual registration shall be filed on forms provided by the Zoning Administrator, which forms shall contain the following information with respect to each dwelling unit subject to registration:
      1.   The street address and unit number of the dwelling unit;
      2.   The floor or floors on which the dwelling unit is situated;
      3.   The number of square feet of the interior floor area contained within the dwelling unit;
      4.   The number of persons entitled to occupy the dwelling unit;
      5.   The number of persons in fact occupying the dwelling unit;
      6.   The name and address of the owner of the premises; and
      7.   The name and address of the owner's agent, if any.
   C.   Registration files. Upon the receipt of a completed registration form, the Zoning Administrator shall mark the same "Approved for Filing," affix the Zoning Administrator's signature to such form and place the form in a file open for public inspection. (Prior code § 22.18)
(MC-1-2012, Amended, 3/20/2012; MC-6-2005, Amended, 09/20/2005)